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Future of Europe Observer
Vol. 9 No. 2/2021

The Conference on the Future of Europe: 25 Ideas from ZEI

In this issue, ZEI presents 25 ideas for the Conference on the Future of Europe, to which ZEI keeps providing input for debate on the official online platform.



New Book Release

Ludger Kühnhardt/

Tilman Mayer (eds.),
The Bonn Handbook of Globality, 2 vol., Cham: Springer International, 2019.

In the context of the 200th anniversary of the founding of Bonn University, more than one-hundred of its professors provide innovative interpretations of key concepts of social sciences and humanities in the age of globality.






Alumni Testimonial

 “ ZEI prepared me for my career by giving me the economic, institutional, political and legal underpinnings of the European Union”


Koenig Slider 2.jpg

New Book Release

Christian Koenig /

Bernhard von Wendland

The Art of Regulation: Competition in Europe - Wealth and Wariness, Cheltenham: Edward Elgar Publishing, 2017. 


Increasingly, EU market regulation measures have been introduced in the pursuit of economic justice and welfare. This book illustrates how regulation can help to prevent the abuse of dominance, in particular the abuse of public capital by the state. More...









Study at ZEI

Master Fellows with former EU Commission President Juncker and the latest Future of Europe Observer

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Migration in the Mediterranean is being discussed with Arab diplomats and ZEI research partners from Malta (MEDAC)










20 Jahre MES

Opening Doors

More than 600 students from 123 countries have studied at ZEI. For our alumni many doors opened up to achieve impressive careers.

Download our jubilee brochure with many details about 20 years of successful post-graduate education at ZEI.

EU Glossary +++ Facts and Figures regularly updated for you +++ EU Glossary

Book Release

The Juncker CommissionRobert Stüwe / Thomas Panayotopoulos (eds.)
The Juncker Commission. Politicizing EU Policies, Nomos Publishing House, Baden-Baden 2020.

This study analyzes the work of the European Commission under President Jean-Claude Juncker (2014-2019). It is based on the ZEI Monitor research project on the Commission's work programs. The authors of this collected volume place a special emphasis upon tracing the strategies with which the EU Commission has addressed the politicization of European integration. You can order the book here.


Master of European Studies - Governance and Regulation


 Join young professionals from all over the world to study the international one-year master program


ZEI Monitor: EU Progress 2019-2024

The ZEI Monitor assesses the on-going work of the EU institutions. On the basis of the six priorities outlined by EU Commission President Ursula von der Leyen for the period 2019-2024, the EU pursues annual work programs. ZEI Monitor traces their implementation.


 ZEI Monitor

 Legislative proposal not tabled yet or withdrawn

 ZEI Monitor

 Ongoing Ordinary Legislative Procedure

 ZEI Monitor

 Legislative proposal passed


ZEI Discussion Paper


ZEI Discussion Paper C 268/2021

Daniel René Jung,
Wolfgang Picken,
Matteo Scotto,
Liska Wittenberg (eds.),

Corona und die Verfassung Europas



ZEI Discussion Paper C 267/2021

Ludger Kühnhardt,
The post-corona world. A research agenda


ZEI Directors' Pen

ZEI Directors Prof. Dr. Christian Koenig and Prof. Dr. Ludger Kühnhardt publish regularly scholarly articles and books...


One of the largest specialized libraries on European integration which serves ZEI researchers, Master students and visiting scholars.

Transdisciplinary work at ZEI

For 25 years, ZEI combines transdisciplinary research and education in regional integration. Download our work report and the brochure describing the contribution of ZEI's Master in European Studies in opening doors for alumni worldwide.

Alumni Testimonials

ZEI Alumni talk about what can happen following a successful academic year at ZEI.

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