Journals on European Competition Law

ZEI Director Professor Christian Koenig is co-editor of several highly acclaimed jurisprudential journals. The journals deal with general and sector-specific issues of European competition law and regulatory matters in net-based industries.

European State Aid Law Quarterly (EStAL)

every three months

EStAL was established in 2002 as the first pan-European publication for State aid law and is recognized as the leading journal in its field today. It reports quarterly on the current developments in State aid law-including rulings of the Commission and the European courts as well as judgments from international and national courts and tribunals. Annotations of leading experts enlighten aspects and impacts of all relevant judgments.

Netzwirtschaften und Recht (N&R)

twice a month

N&R – Netzwirtschaften und Recht (Net Industries and Law) focuses on all competition and cartel law issues in the area of energy, telecommunications, gas and water, railway and postal service. In particular, its content includes questions involving network industries with regard to regulatory aspects. N&R is characterised by its academic depth as well as its practically oriented presentation of topics in essays and comments on judicial decisions.

Infrastruktur Recht (IR)

once a month

Sorted by the different infrastructures IR informs once a month (24 pages) about the recent legal developments coming from the legislation, the jurisdiction and the legal professionals in Brussels and Berlin. IR provides specific information on individual areas as well as comprehensive solutions for all fields.

Kommunikation und Recht (K&R)

every three months

K&R has evolved into one of the leading periodicals in the entire area of media and IT law. It focuses on electronic data processing and IT law, media, press and radio broadcasting law, data protection and copyright, competition and brand law, e-commerce as well as telecommunications law. Every year K&R has been gaining an ever more impressive reputation thanks to practically oriented essays, comments on decisions by recognised industry professionals and extremely rapid publication of judicial decisions.

European Procurement & Public Private Partnership Law Review (EPPPL)

every three months

Procurement procedures and Public-Private Partnerships are two major legal and policy instruments of public sector management which link the public and private sectors and provide for the procedural and substantive interactions which are necessary for the effective and efficient delivery of public services. Within the quarterly EPPPL, authors offer you insight analysis and thorough interpretation relevant to the state of affairs in Procurement and Public-Private Partnership matters.

Competition and Regulation in Network Industries (CRNI)

every three months

Competition and Regulation in Network Industries (CRNI) is a double-blind peer-reviewed journal that meets high academic standards. It offers leading specialists opportunities to provide an in-depth and forward-looking view on issues of competition and regulation in network industries.

Europäisches Wirtschafts- und Steuerrecht (EWS)

once a month

EWS (European Business and Taxation Law) is the periodical for all consultants and legal practitioners in the business and administrative sectors who deal with the development of legislation in Europe. The reader can find comprehensive information, analyses, treatises, landmark decisions and references for preliminary rulings relating to all legal areas, supplemented by documentation of the relevant texts pertaining to commercial and taxation law in Europe.

European Networks Law & Regulation Quarterly (ENLR)

The European Networks Law and Regulation Quarterly (ENLR) is the first pan-European legal journal dedicated to the networks industries. Traditionally organised as State monopolies, most of these sectors have been liberalised either through EU legislation, or upon Member States' own initiatives. The railway, telecommunication, energy, water, and postal sectors have and are still undergoing similar processes of structural transformation. Although they are in different stages of this process, all of these sectors are characterised by similar transitional issues and by comparable levels of interaction between the public and private actors in the management of essential infrastructure and the operation of related services. This as such renders a horizontal and comparative approach most profitable and relevant for all practitioners. The ENLR focuses on competition law, antitrust law and State aid law as well as network regulation.

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