Transdisciplinary work at ZEI

For 25 years, the Center for European Integration Studies (ZEI) has contributed solutions towards the unresolved problems of European integration. More than 700 research projects have been finalized during these years. With a worldwide network of academic cooperation, more than 600 alumni of ZEI post-graduate education programs, more than one hundred successful doctoral („Promotion“) and post-doctoral („Habilitationen“) students, visiting scholars from all continents, more than 500 researchers and members of staff, countless publications, contributions to academic and political consultancy, lecturers and a regular presence in the media, ZEI has established its unique and distinguished position in the European scientific community.

25 Jahre ZEI

ZEI was established by the Bonn-Berlin-Treaty of 1991, a decision taken by the German parliament (Bundestag), and formally founded by a decision of the Senate of Bonn University in May 1995. This comprehensive documentation prepared for the 25th anniversary, gives testimony to the research results of ZEI in the field of regional integration. ZEI is a forerunner in the development of transdisciplinary research and education, today and in the future promoted by Bonn University in many research areas.


For 25 years, ZEI combines transdisciplinary research and education in regional integration. Download the brochure describing the contribution of ZEI's Master in European Studies in opening doors for alumni worldwide.

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