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The ZEI Directors regularly publish books and articles in which various issues concerning governance and regulation in the EU are examined.

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FEO Vol. 12 No. 1 / 2024

Transformation in Times of War - Henrik Suder, Liska Wittenberg (Eds.)

This issue of the ZEI Future of Europe Observer takes stock of the implementation of the Von der Leyen Commission's annual work programmes. It includes analyses on the progress made within the Commission's six political priorities, visualised by the ZEI Monitor traffic, and provides an outlook for the coming year. This is the review of the penultimate year of the current Commission's term of office. Later this year, this project will be finalised in the form of a forthcoming book, which will contain a complete analysis and evaluation of the von der Leyen Commission.

ZEI Discussion Paper C 282 / 2024

Africa – EU Relations: The evolution of an agenda of partnership -  Dušan Brujić

This paper gives an overview of the evolution of the Africa-EU Partnership and its priorities between the years 2000 and 2022. It delves into the complex and dynamic relations between the two partners, whilst exploring historical and geographical aspects, inherited traits and common strategies. From the period known for strong paternalism there is a shift to a more equal partnership. The paper focuses especially on most debated issues over time, including migration, green energy and climate change and offers different perspectives. The researcher explains the reasons behind their growing relevance and reflects on main takeaways ahead of the forthcoming 2024 AU-EU Summit.

ZEI Discussion Paper C 281 / 2024

Hans-Peter Schwarz (1934-2017). Politik und Zeitkritik -  Ludger Kühnhardt

Hans-Peter Schwarz was the leading biographer of the Federal Republic of Germany. With his studies on the re-organization of Germany after the Second World War and his biographies on Konrad Adenauer and Helmut Kohl, he accompanied contemporary history and wrote political cultural history himself. The long-time professor of political science and contemporary history at the University of Bonn was a profiled, often uncomfortable critic of politics and public debate. On the ninetieth birthday of Hans-Peter Schwarz, who passed away in 2017, ZEI Director Professor Ludger Kühnhardt is remembering important milestones in the work of Hans-Peter Schwarz, supplemented by personal impressions and memories.

ZEI Schriften / No. 87

Das Europäische Parlament und die Türkei - Beziehungen im Spannungsfeld zwischen normativem und strategischem Handeln - Patrick Baues

Relations between the EU and Turkey have been characterised by growing estrangement for many years. For the most part, Turkey's departure from democratic values is pointed out as the cause of this estrangement, but this reasoning overlooks the fact that the relationship between Turkey and the EU is characterised by mutual irritations that have led to deep fractures. In this book, the author analyses the causes and expressions of these normative and strategic tensions on the basis of the debates in the European Parliament (2004–2019). In a unique way, he shows how the polarising question of accession has affected the various parliamentary groups and reveals what has caused Turkey's successful integration into the EU to fail.

ZEI Series

Future of Europe Observer

The “ZEI Future of Europe Observer” accompanies European politics with analysis and projections. The “ZEI Future of Europe Observer” is published three times a year and each issue focuses on a specific aspect of European governance and regulation. Authors are ZEI Scholars, Master of European Studies Fellows and Alumni.

ZEI Discussion Paper

"ZEI Discussion Paper’s” stimulate discussion among researchers, practitioners and policy makers on current and emerging issues of European integration and Europe’s global role. They express the personal opinion of the authors. The papers often reflect on-going research projects at ZEI. "ZEI Discussion Paper’s" are published several times a year.

Schriften des ZEI

ZEI Director Professor Ludger Kühnhardt is editor of the "Schriften des Zentrum für Europäische Integrationsforschung“ with Nomos Publisher in Baden-Baden, the leading German publishing house on European topics in political science. The series deals with basic questions concerning the European integration and Europe's global role.

Publications of ZEI Directors

Waage der Gerechtigkeit
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Journals on European Competition Law

ZEI Director Professor Christian Koenig is co-editor of several highly acclaimed jurisprudential journals.

Verknüpfte Welten

Verknüpfte Welten

Ludger Kühnhardt: Verknüpfte Welten. Notizen aus 235 Ländern und Territorien. Band 1: 1960-1999, Band 2: 2000-2020, Wiesbaden: Springer 2022.


The Art of Regulation

Christian Koenig / Bernhard von Wendland: The Art of Regulation. Competition in Europe - Wealth and Wariness, Cheltenham: Edward Elgar Publishing, 2017.

The Bonn Handbook of Globality

The Bonn Handbook of Globality

A comprehensive interpretation of terms and symbolizations after the global turn.

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