31. October 2023

Das Europäische Parlament und die Türkei Das Europäische Parlament und die Türkei

Beziehungen im Spannungsfeld zwischen normativem und strategischem Handeln (Patrick Baues)

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Relations between the EU and Turkey have been characterised by growing estrangement for many years. For the most part, Turkey's departure from democratic values is pointed out as the cause of this estrangement, but this reasoning overlooks the fact that the relationship between Turkey and the EU is characterised by mutual irritations that have led to deep fractures. In this book, the author analyses the causes and expressions of these normative and strategic tensions on the basis of the debates in the European Parliament (2004–2019). In a unique way, he shows how the polarising question of accession has affected the various parliamentary groups and reveals what has caused Turkey's successful integration into the EU to fail.

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