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ZEI Master

Late application deadline for the upcoming program year 2014/15


ZEI Master

Start an international career with ZEI’s Master of European Studies – Governance and Regulation

Enjoy studying in Bonn as the alumni on the film and open a door for your professional future. See what can happen following a successful academic year at ZEI.


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Patrick Schäfer / German Federal Foreign Office / ZEI Alumni
Elisabeth Cousin / European Commission / ZEI Alumni
Martin Zimmek / Bombardier Transportation / ZEI Alumni
Alexandra Pana / European Commission / ZEI Alumni
Matthieu Bertrand / European Commission / ZEI Alumni
Margaux Laspeyres / University of Oxford / ZEI Alumni

All Emails will be forwarded to the corresponding ZEI Alumni


Comparative Regional Integration

What next for EU-Africa relations?


European Governance and Regulation

New book release: „Postrecht – Praxishandbuch für Regulierungsfragen”

Groebel / Katzschmann / Koenig / Lemberg, Postrecht – Praxishandbuch für Regulierungsfragen, Deutscher Fachverlag, Fachmedien Recht, Frankfurt a. M. 2014, 782 Seiten, ISBN 978-3-8005-1527-1


European Governance and Regulation

Consequences of EU policies on fiscal and monetary union

Prof. Dr. Ludger Kühnhardt, ZEI Director, discusses the consequences of EU policies on fiscal and monetary union and proposes a new European Convention to prepare for a European Constitution (Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung, 17 March, 2014).


ZEI Master

Europe in practice: ZEI Fellows visit Brussels

The participants of the Master of European Studies – Governance and Regulation, ZEI Class of 2014, visited several EU institutions and international organizations in Brussels.


Future of Europe Observer Jg. 1 Nr. 1/2014

European Governance and Regulation

ZEI Future of Europe Observer Vol. 2 No. 1/2014

In light of the forthcoming elections of the European Parliament and the ensuing debate within Europe of key policy issues, the ZEI Master of European Studies “Class of 2014“ gives an overview of the current constitution of the EU under the question "What next for the EU?".



European Governance and Regulation

Dispute on subsidies for renewable energy

Prof. Dr. Christian Koenig, ZEI Director, discusses the dispute between the EU Commission and the German government on subsidies for renewable energy in the "Handelsblatt" (February 4, 2014).


ZEI Master

ZEI congratulates MES lecturer Prof. Dr. R. Alexander Lorz on his appointment as the Minister for Education and the Arts in Hessen

Professor R. Alexander Lorz, faculty member of ZEI’s Master of European Studies – Governance and Regulation has been appointed Minister for Education and the Arts in Hessen.


dp_222.jpgComparative Regional Integration

ZEI Discussion Paper C 222/2014

Simon Perger:
Regionale Integration in der arabischen Welt – eine neofunktionalistische Analyse


European Governance and Regulation

4th Bonn’s regulation meeting on network neutrality and data security


European Governance and Regulation

21st Handelsblatt Annual Conference - Energy Industry 2014

On 21 of January ZEI Director Prof. Dr. Christian Koenig, LL.M. will speak at the 21st Handelsblatt Annual Conference and present the legal implications of the partial exemption of energy intensive industries from the EEG-surcharge currently under formal investigation by the European Commission.
Paper of Lucyne Ghazarian about the binding effect of opening decisions - C-284/12


dp_221European Governance and Regulation

ZEI Discussion Paper C 221/2014

Günter Verheugen:
Europäische Integration aus historischer Erfahrung. Ein Zeitzeugengespräch mit Michael Gehler



ZEI_RIO_Vol1No3_Dec_2013Comparative Regional Integration

Regional Integration Observer No. 2013/03

The third edition of the „Regional Integration Observer“ (RIO) provides an overview over the structures and results of the research cooperation between ZEI and the West Africa Institute (WAI).


Comparative Regional Integration

WAI-ZEI Paper No. 2013/10

Ablam Benjamin Akoutou, Rike Sohn, Matthias Vogl, Daniel Yeboah, The Future of the Africa-EU Partnership: Learning to think about Opportunities, Bonn/Praia 2013.


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