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Student Accommodation

As in all University cities, affordable accommodation is in high demand, especially at the start of each semester. As a participant of the Master program, ZEI can assist you to apply for a room in a student dormitory run by Studierendenwerk Bonn. Rooms must be rented for a minimum of 3 months. All rooms are single rooms. Monthly rates vary from €250,00 to €500,00 depending on quality, size of the room, age and location of the dorm. The rent covers usage of water, heating, and electric power. Access to cable TV and/or to the internet (via LAN) is usually included as well. 

Unfortunately, due to high demand, we can not guarantee that all students who apply will be successful.

The Master office can also provide you with information to help you look for a room in a shared flat (very common among students in Germany) on the private market.

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Life in Bonn

Bonn, the former capital of West Germany is a medium sized city.  As the German UN city, Bonn hosts 25 UN agencies and numerous international organizations and is an international and welcoming place for visitors. With a rich and diverse history including Roman ruins, the birth place of Beethoven and its important role in modern German history, Bonn is popular with both international and German tourists. The city spreads along the Rhein river and is surrounded by forests and nature parks.


Living Expenses

Students are responsible for their own living expenses. The average monthly living costs for a student in Bonn are between 800 - 1000 euros. 

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University Life in Bonn

Bonn is a fantastic environment in which to live, work and study and provides a wide range of opportunities.


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The University of Bonn

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