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ZEI research addresses issues of governance and regulation in the EU. The ZEI Monitor "EU Progress 2019-2024" is an online based outreach project, combining basic research with political practice.


Future of Europe Observer
Vol. 9 No. 2/2021

The Conference on the Future of Europe: 25 Ideas from ZEI

In this issue, ZEI presents 25 ideas for the Conference on the Future of Europe, to which ZEI keeps providing input for debate on the official online platform.




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"ZEI made it possible for me to pursue a career at the World Bank Group. The comprehensive program set in a small-classroom environment gave me a greater understanding of the European Union and it's role in the larger context. I developed very meaningful friendships and valuable contacts as a result of this program that I continue to rely on to this day."




ZEI Insights No. 64:

Maja Kluger-Dionigi,

Difficulties of Enhancing the Eurozone’s Democratic Accountability – the Status of the European Commission’s Proposals


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ZEI documents the results of its research in its own publication series. ZEI researchers regularly publish monographs as well as articles in national and international journals.

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ZEI Monitor on the EU's Work Programme 2019-2024: The von der Leyen Commission

The ZEI Monitor traces the implementation of the annual work programmes of the European Commission. It provides researchers and practitioners with a research tool to continuously analyse the implementation and progress of the work programme. It is based on the six work priorities formulated by EU Commission President Ursula von der Leyen for the term of office 2019-2024 and builds upon ZEI's previous work on the Juncker Commission between 2014 and 2019.

ampel rot

  Proposal (legislative / non-legislative) not tabled yet

Measuring EU progress Monitoring Juncker work plan ampel gelb

  Ongoing ordinary legislative procedure

Measuring EU progress Monitoring Juncker work plan ampel europa

  Legislative procedure completed / non-legislativ proposal published



 Prio1_GreenDeal.png Priority 1: A European Green Deal

Prio3_DigitalAge.jpg Priority 2: A Europe Fit for the Digital Age

Prio2_Wirtschaft.jpg Priority 3: An Economy that Works for People

Prio5_stronger-europe-world.jpgPriority 4: A Stronger Europe in the World

Prio4_promoting-european-way-life.jpgPriority 5: Promoting our European Way of Life


Priority 6: A New Push for European  Democracy

For the symbolic icons of the 6 priorities: © European Union, 2020/Source: European Commission


Prof. Dr. Ludger Kühnhardt

Prof. Dr. Christian Koenig, LL.M.

Henrik Suder

Liska Wittenberg


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