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EU Glossary

ZEI provides regularly updated information on relevant EU actors, on the timetable of European politics and on the legal sources of the European Union and its institutions. The continually updated information and data serve as an information resource and contribute to a better understanding of the critical factors of governance and regulation in the EU.


EU Akteure.png EU Actors 

An overview of the role, composition and legal basis of actors in the EU including; European Commission, European Parliament, European Council, Council of the European Union, Court of Justice and the European Central Bank.


EU Termine.png EU Timetable

Important  dates  in the European Union political process including; European Parliament sessions, European Council meetings and  national elections.


EU Rechtsgrundlagen.png EU Legal sources

An overview of the legal sources of the European Union, the legal foundations of EU institutions and the constitutional requirements of  member states for the revision of the EU treaties.


EU Begriffe.png EU Decoded

Useful terms to understand the European Commission and its actions.


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