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ZEI Monitor: EU Progress 2014-2019

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ZEI follows policy progress in the ten areas which have priority for EU institutions over the period 2014-2019:

Commission Priority: Making the EU more Democratic



  • Creating a mandatory register for organisations and individuals lobbying the Commission, Parliament and Council.
  • Working with the European Parliament and the Council to remove unnecessary red tape at both European and national level.
  • Finding ways to deepen cooperation between national parliaments and the Commission.
  • Reviewing the laws that oblige the Commission to authorize genetically modified organisms(GMOs), even when a majority of national governments is against this.
  • Increasing the number of women in management and other administrative positions in the Commission.


European Commission Work Program:


Measuring EU progress Monitoring Juncker work plan ampel rot

Communicating Europe









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Further Publications

Christina Wunder, Communication and Campaigning in European Citizens‘ Initiatives (ZEI Discussion Paper C224)Bonn 2014 (Download) (Abstract)

Ludger Kühnhardt, Gibt es eine politische Philosopie der Europäischen Union? (ZEI Discussion Paper C223) Bonn 2014(Download) (Abstract)

Thorsten Kim Schreiweis, Die Demokratisierung der Europäischen Union (ZEI Discussion Paper C219) Bonn 2013(Download)

Frank Decker / Jared Sonnicksen,The Direct Election of the Commission President. A Presidential Approach to Democratising the European Union (ZEI Discussion Paper C192) Bonn 2009 (Download)

ZEI Publications on European Treaty Reforms 



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