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ZEI Monitor: EU Progress 2014-2019

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ZEI follows policy progress in the ten areas which have priority for EU institutions over the period 2014-2019:


Commission Priority: Towards a New Policy on Migration



  • Ensuring that all EU countries apply asylum rules in the same manner, by fully implementing the Common European Asylum System (CEAS)

  • Enforcing EU laws penalising human traffickers vigorously

  • Protecting our external borders better by increasing the budget of the European border agency Frontex.

  • Cooperating more closely with non EU countries to smooth repatriation of irregular migrants

  • Promoting the legal migration of persons with skills needed in Europe, through a review of the 'Blue Card' legislation


European Commission Work Program:


Measuring EU progress Monitoring Juncker work plan ampel rot

Implementing the Common Visa Policy

Measuring EU progress Monitoring Juncker work plan ampel rot

Visa Policy - Preparing for Brexit









ZEI Insights  


Further Publications on Asylum- and Migration Policy

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  • Ludger Kühnhardt, The Global Society and its Enemies. Liberal Order Beyond the Third World War, Springer International Publishing, Basel 2017.
  • Carla Manzanas, Movement, Security and Media (ZEI Discussion Paper C233), Bonn 2016 (Download).
  • Ina Hommers, Die Migrationspolitik der EU. Herausforderung zwischen nationaler Selbstbestimmung und europäischer Konvergenz (ZEI Discussion Paper C196) Bonn, 2009 (Download)
  • Marvin Andrew Cuschieri, Europe´s Migration Policy Towards the Mediterranean. The Need of Reconstruction of Policy-Making (ZEI Discussion Paper, C 168), Bonn 2007. (Download)


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