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"ZEI Insights" provide commentary and critical analysis on governance and regulation developments related to the ten priorities of the European Commission and its interplay with the European Parliament and the European Council. Authors of "ZEI Insights" are ZEI Scholars, Master of European Studies Fellows and Alumni.

Jobs, Growth and Investment

  • Moving forward to a circular economy - turning the challenge into opportunity by Daniela Stoycheva No. 63 April 2019 (Download)
  • A fairy tale: How robust are the EFSI success numbers? By Jessica Gaitskell No. 62 April 2019 (Download)
  • Erasmus +: Countering populism through education by Sarah Gansen No. 47 March 2017(Download)
  • The EIB and European Cohesion Policy: An effective trade-off between growth and convergence? By Malin Berg von Linde  No. 42 August 2016 (Download)
  • Skills mismatches in the EU: A perpetual impasse? By Marvin Cuschieri No. 41 August 2016 (Download)
  • The Investment Plan for Europe – high political stakes by Matthieu Bertrand No. 33 December 2015 (Download)
  • Is the Juncker plan an appropriate answer to the European Investment gap? A Literature Review by Tobias Buchmann No. 25 June 2015 (Download)
  • Juncker's proposal for "a new boost for jobs, growth and investment" - between high expectations and real action by Dieter Konold and Martin Zimmek No. 5 December 2014 (Download)

Digital Single Market

  • The EU's Novel Data Protection Regulation: Changing the Face of the Internet by Michael Amoah Awuah No. 54 May 2018 (Download)
  • Data Access: Optimizing the Policy Framework for a European Data Economy by Sanni Kunnas No. 46 February 2017 (Download)
  • Data Protection Reform: Strengthening individuals’ rights in the digital era by Pagona Tsormpatzoudi No.21 May 2015 (Download)
  • Governance challenges on the path to a Digital Single Market by Caleb Fagade No. 18, March 2015 (Download)
  • Digital Harmonization: Unlocking the untapped potential of the European Single Market by Dennis Flück No. 13 February 2015 (Download)
  • A long road to an ambitious goal: The Digital Single Market by David Muschiol No. 9 January 2015 (Download

Energy Union and Climate

  • EU@60 – Domestic Climate and Energy Possibilities for Securing Europe’s  Energy Future by Michael Amoah Awuah No. 49 May 2017 (Download)
  • The EU Commission’s Energy Security Package: A Challenge To Russia’s Gas Dominance? by Robert Stüwe No. 37 April 2016 (Download)
  • Post-Lima headaches: Which role for the EU heading towards Paris? by Rike Sohn No.12 February 2015 (Download)
  • New Commission brings new energy policy approach by Nikola Veselinovic No. 16 February 2015 (Download)
  • It was the best of times, it was the worst of times - Opportunities and Challenges of European Energy and Climate Policy by Christina Wunder No. 3 December 2014 (Download)

Internal Market

  • Towards a Fairer EU Food Supply Chain: Harmonising the Legal Framework by Micol Visciano No. 56 July 2018 (Download)
  • The European Union Space Strategy: A Science Diplomacy Perspective by Elif Özkaragöz Doğan No. 50 September 2017 (Download)
  • Brexit: What is at stake for the Single Market by Sarah Gansen No. 38 May 2016 (Download)
  • The Myths and Realities of EU Labour Mobility by Sally Brammer No. 30 September 2015 (Download)
  • New Strategy for Completing the Single Market: A New Chance? by Robert Stüwe No. 26 July 2015 (Download)
  • Policy objectives for the internal market by Balázs Kubinszky No.8 December 2014 (Download)

Economic and Monetary Union

  • Difficulties of Enhancing the Eurozone’s Democratic Accountability – the Status of the European Commission’s Proposals by Maja Kluger-Dionigi No. 64 June 2019 (Download)
  • Eurozone Reform - a View from China by Jiang Yunfei No. 58 September 2018 (Download)
  • EMU Reform: What is the Road ahead? By Malin Berg von Linde No. 52 December 2017 (Download)
  • The Crisis Management of Central Banks by Dennis Flück  No. 29 September 2015 (Download)
  • What challenges lie ahead of the new Vice-President for the Euro and Social Dialogue by Saša Mester No. 14 February 2015 (Download)
  • A Social Euro and Economic Dialogue: Conflicting Aims by Carla Manzanas No. 14 February 2015 (Download)
  • Juncker’s Priorities: A Deeper and Fairer Economic and Monetary Union by Volker Nitsch No.10 January 2015 (Download

EU-US Free Trade

  • Rising Protectionism and the Future of EU-US Trade by Adam Ryckaert No. 48 April 2017 (Download)
  • Trump and TTIP: Consequences for TTIP after the US elections by Adam Ryckaert No. 44 November 2016 (Download)
  • When data travels - The Commission’s objective of making EU data protection travel across the Atlantic by Robbert Jaspers No. 35 February 2016 (Download)
  • TTIP: the American Debate by Adam Ryckaert No. 32 October 2015 (Download)
  • Rewriting the rules: the consequences of TTIP on global trade by Matteo Scotto No. 22 May 2015 (Download)
  • Transatlantic Trade and Investment Partnership: private property or common destiny  by Matteo Scotto No.4 December 2014 (Download

Justice and Fundamental Rights

  • Cybersecurity at EU and national level – the expansion of economic policy by Jan-David Blaese No. 65 June 2019 (Download)
  • Securing the Ever-Closer Union: Supranational Policy Entrepreneurship in Counter-Terrorism and Implications for the European Arrest Warrant by Patrick Tonissen No. 59 October 2018 (Download)
  • Integrating the Western Balkans: the Rule of Law Challenge by Dr. Taulant Hasa No. 53 April 2018 (Download)
  • A new direction in the EU’s fight against terrorism? by Katharina Boldt No. 34 January 2016 (Download)
  • The European Agenda on Security: Protection of what? A literature review by Matthias Vogl  No. 28 August 2015 (Download)
  • Survey of recent developments and academic discussion: Justice and Fundamental Rights by Henri de Waele No. 7 December 2014 (Download)


  • Migration Governance and the Unfinished Business of the CEAS by Liska Wittenberg No. 60 November 2018 (Download)
  • The EU and the Burden of Refugee Resettlement by Ignatius Oli No. 45 December 2016 (Download)
  • Irregular Migration in the Mediterranean by Sabine Klasen No. 31 October 2015 (Download)
  • Time for a Euro-Mediterranean Migration Policy by Stephen Calleya No. 19 April 2015 (Download)
  • EU Migration Policy: Striking a balance by Mariyana Radeva Berket No. 6 December 2014 (Download)

EU as a Global Actor

  • Member States' Momentum To Make Europe a Stronger Global Actor by Andreas Marchetti No. 57 August 2018 (Download)
  • Playing the Role of a Strong Global Actor on the Regional Stage by Nicole Ayo von Thun No. 55 June 2018 (Download)
  • How has the EU reacted to the Rise of China? An Analysis of the EU’s New Strategy on China by Wilson Chou No. 43 September 2016 (Download)
  • The Global Strategy for the European Union’s Foreign and Security Policy: A new framework for a more connected, contested and complex world? By Ilva Ifland No. 39 June 2016 (Download)
  • The importance of the German-Turkish relationship by Sabine Klasen No. 27 August 2015 (Download)
  • Stronger CFSP: the big un-kept promise of the European integration process? by Julija Vitanova No. 20 April 2015 (Download)
  • Travelling at the “speed of light”? Challenges for the European Common Foreign and Security Policy by Matthias Vogl No. 11 January 2015 (Download
  • How the EU can deal with chaos on its borders - new Commission should strive to eliminate its own job. by Ludger Kühnhardt No. 2 December 2014 (Download)

Democratic Change

  • The Challenge of Introducing a Mandatory Lobbying Register by Katarzyna Nowicka No. 61 December 2018 (Download)
  • One goal – two ways: Testing the feasibility of Macron and Juncker’s EU visions by Thomas Panayotopoulos and Robert Stüwe No. 51 October 2017 (Download)
  • Managing the Forces of European Populism: The next election to the European Parliament in May 2019 may become the first pan-European referendum by Ludger Kühnhardt No. 40 July 2016 (Original published in: The Globalist, July 19, 2016, (Download)
  • EU Institutional Governance: Exploiting the Potential for Democratic Reform by Henri de Waele No. 36 March 2016 (Download)
  • An EU Transparency Register in Progress by Velyana Topalova No. 24 June 2015 (Download)
  • In pursuit of Better Regulation by Sally Brammer and Thomas Panayotopoulos No. 23 June 2015 (Download)
  • Governance challenges towards better regulation and transparency by Maria Kapiniaris No. 17 March 2015 (Download)
  • Not a pack of bureaucrats: The new European Commission by Sally Brammer No. 1 December 2014 (Download)







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