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ZEI Discussion Paper

The following "ZEI Discussion Papers" have been published. The „ZEI Discussion Papers” are available for download as PDF-files.

2019 the following titles have been published:


Author / Editor


C 256

Henri de Waele / Ellen Mastenbroek (eds.)

Perspectives on Better Regulation in the EU  (Download) (Abstract)

C 255

Ludger Kühnhardt

The European Archipelago. Rebranding the Strategic Significance of EU Overseas Countries and Territories  (Download) (Abstract)

C 254

Susanne Baier-Allen

Europe and America  (Download) (Abstract)

C 253

Agnes Kasper / Alexander Antonov

Towards Conceptualizing EU Cybersecurity Law  (Download) (Abstract)

C 252

Chiara Ristuccia

Industry 4.0: SMEs Challenges and Opportunities in the Era of Digitalization  (Download) (Abstract)

C 251

Günther H. Oettinger

Europäische Integration aus historischer Erfahrung. Ein Zeitzeugengespräch mit Michael Gehler  (Download) (Abstract)


2018 the following titles have been published:


Author / Editor


C 250

Javier Gonzaléz López

Bosnia and Herzegovina: a Case Study for the Unfinished EU Agenda in the Western Balkans  (Download) (Abstract)

C 249

Rahel Hutgens / Stephan Conermann

Macron’s Idea of European Universities. From Vision to Reality  (Download) (Abstract)

C 248

Joseph M. Hughes

“Sleeping Beauty” Unleashed: Harmonizing a Consolidated European Security and Defense Union  (Download) (Abstract)

C 247

Wolfgang Reinhard

Die Expansivität Europas und ihre Folgen  (Download) (Abstract)

C 246

Teodora Lađić

The Impact of European Integration on the Westphalian Concept of National Sovereignty  (Download) (Abstract)

C 245

Ludger Kühnhardt

The New Silk Road: The European Union, China and Lessons Learned  (Download) (Abstract)



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