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ZEI Working Paper 1997-2004

2004 the following titles have been published:


Author / Editor


B33 2004

Josef C. Brada, Ali M. Kutan and Taner M. Yigit

The Effects of Transition and Political Instability On Foreign Direct Investment Inflows:Central Europe and the Balkans  (Download)

B32 2004

Jürgen von Hagen, Jizhong Zhou

The Choice of Exchange Rate Regimes in Developing Countries: A Mulitnominal Panal Analysis  (Download)

B31 2004

Jürgen von Hagen, Jizhong Zhou

Fear of Floating and Fear of Pegging: An Empirical Anaysis of De Facto Exchange Rate Regimes in Developing Countries  (Download)

B30 2004

Martin Seidel

Der Vollzug von Gemeinschaftsrecht über die Mitgliedstaaten und seine Rolle für die EU und den Beitrittsprozeß  (Download)

B29 2004

Dieter Spethmann, Otto Steiger

Deutschlands Wirtschaft, seine Schulden und die Unzulänglichkeiten der einheitlichen Geldpolitik im Eurosystem  (Download)

B28 2004

Guntram B. Wolff

Fiscal Crises in U.S. Cities: Structural and Non-structural Causes  (Download)

B27 2004

Galyna Grygorenko, Stefan Lutz

Firm Performance and Privatization in Ukraine  (Download)

B26 2004

Oksana Harbuzyuk, Stefan Lutz

Analyzing Trade Opening in Ukraine: Effects of a Customs Union with the EU  (Download)

B25 2004

Lucjan T. Orlowski

Exchange Rate Risk and Convergence to the Euro  (Download)

B24 2004

Otto Steiger

The Endogeneity of Money and the Eurosystem  (Download)

B23 2004

Otto Steiger

Which Lender of Last Resort for the Eurosystem?  (Download)

B22 2004

Elham-Mafi Kreft, Steven F. Kreft

Non-Discretonary Monetary Policy: The Answer for Transition Economies?  (Download)

B21 2004

Volker Reinthaler, Guntram B. Wolff

The effectiveness of subsidies revisited: accounting for wage and employment effects in business R&D  (Download)

B20 2004

Jürgen von Hagen, Tai-kuang Ho

Money Market Pressure and the Determinants of Banking Crises  (Download)

B19 2004

Martin Seidel

Die Stellung der Europäischen Zentralbank nach dem Verfassungsvertrag  (Download)

B18 2004

Iulia Traistaru

Transmission Channels of Business Cycles Synchronization in an Enlarged EMU  (Download)

B17 2004

Sübidey Togan, Hasan Ersel

Foreign Exchange Regime, the Real Exchange Rate and Current Account Sustainability: The Case of Turkey  (Download)

B16 2004

Harry P. Bowen, Jennifer Pédussel Wu

Does It Matter Where Immigrants Work? Traded Goods, Non-traded Goods, and Sector Specific Employment  (Download)

B15 2004

Christian Volpe Martincus

Do Economic Integration and Fiscal Competition Help to Explain Local Patterns?  (Download)

B14 2004

Jiri Jonas

Euro Adoption and Maastricht Criteria: Rules or Discretion?  (Download)

B13 2004

Sami Yläoutinen

The Role of Electoral and Party Systems in the Development of Fiscal Institutions in the Central and Eastern European Countries  (Download)

B12 2004

Jennifer Pédussel Wu

Measuring and Explaining Levels of Regional Economic Integration  (Download)

B11 2004

Pablo Sanguinetti, Iulia Traistaru, Christian Volpe Martincus

Economic Integration and Location of Manufacturing Activities: Evidence from MERCOSUR  (Download)

B10 2004

Laura Resmini

Economic Integration and Industry Location in Transition Countries  (Download)

B09 2004

Ayse Y. Evrensel, Ali M. Kutan

Testing Creditorl Moral Hazard in Souvereign Bond Markets: A Unified Theoretical Approach and Empirical Evidence  (Download)

B08 2004

Taner M. Yigit, Ali M. Kutan

European Integration, Productivity Growth and Real Convergence  (Download)

B07 2004

Mina Baliamoune-Lutz, Stefan H. Lutz

The Contribution of Income, Social Capital, and Institutions to Human Well-being in Africa  (Download)

B06 2004

Mina Baliamoune-Lutz, Stefan H. Lutz

Rural Urban Inequality in Africa: A Panel Study of the Effects of Trade Liberalization and Financial Deepening  (Download)

B05 2004

Lucjan T. Orlowski

Money Rules for the Eurozone Candidate Countries  (Download)

B04 2004

Orla Doyle, Jan Fidrmuc

Who is in Favor of Enlargement? Determinants of Support for EU Membership in the Candidate Countries' Referenda  (Download)

B03 2004

Ulrich Bindseil

Over- and Underbidding in Central Bank Open Market Operations Conducted As Fixed Rate Tender  (Download)

B02 2004

Ronald L. Moomaw, Euy Seok Yang

Total Factor Productivity and Economic Freedom Implications for EU Enlargement  (Download)

B01 2004

Martin Seidel

Die neuen Schutzklauseln der Artikel 38 und 39 des Beitrittsvertrages: Schutz der alten Mitgliedstaaten vor Störungen durch die neuen Mitgliedstaaten  (Download)


2003 the following titles have been published:


Author / Editor


B29 2003

Jürgen von Hagen, Boris Hofmann

Macroeconomic Implications of Low Inflation in the Euro Area  (Download)

B28 2003

Josef C. Brada, Ali M. Kutan, Taner M. Yigit

The Effects of Transition and Political Instability on Foreign Direct Investment: Central Europe and the Balkans  (Download)

B27 2003

Kerstin Bernoth, Juergen von Hagen

The Performance of the Euribor Futures Market: Efficiency and the Impact of ECB Policy Announcements
(Electronic Version of International Finance)   (Download)

B26 2003

Kerstin Bernoth, Juergen von Hagen, Ludger Schulknecht

Souvereign Risk Premia in the European Government Bond Market
(überarbeitete Version zum Herunterladen)  (Download

B25 2003

Anna Iara, Iulia Traistaru

How Flexible are Wages in EU Accession Countries?  (Download)

B24 2003

Bernd Hayo, Boris Hofmann

Monetary Policy Reaction Functions: ECB versus Bundesbank  (Download)

B23 2003

Iulia Traistaru, Christian Volpe Martincus

Economic Integration and Manufacturing Concentration Patterns: Evidence from Mercosur  (Download)

B22 2003

Martin Seidel

Reformzwänge innerhalb der EU angesichts der Osterweiterung  (Download)

B21 2003

William Pyle

Reputation Flows: Contractual Disputes and the Channels for Inter-Firm Communication  (Download)

B20 2003

Ronald L. Moomaw, Mohammed A. Alwosabi

Urban Primacy, Gigantism, and International Trade: Evidence from Asia and the Americas  (Download)

B19 2003

Ronald L. Moomaw, Mohammed A. Alwosabi

An Empirical Analysis of Competing Explanations of Urban Primacy Evidence from Asia and the Americas  (Download)

B18 2003

Stefan H. Lutz, Oleksandr Talavera, Sang-Min Park

The Effects of Regional and Industry-Wide FDI Spillovers on Export of Ukrainian Firms  (Download)

B17 2003

Mihails Hazans

Determinants of Inter-Regional Migration in the Baltic States  (Download)

B16 2003

Iulia Traistaru, Jürgen von Hagen

South-East Europe: Economic Performance, Perspectives, and Policy Challenges  (Download)

B15 2003

Jos van Ommeren, Mihails Hazans

Employed and Unemployed Search: The Marginal Willingness to Pay for Attributes in Lithuania, the US and the Netherlands  (Download)

B14 2003

Charles Goodhart, Boris Hofmann

FCIs and Economic Activity: Some International Evidence  (Download)

B13 2003

Charles Goodhart, Boris Hofmann

The IS Curve and the Transmission of Monetary Policy: Is there a Puzzle?  (Download)

B12 2003

Gabriele Tondl, Goran Vuksic

What Makes Regions in Eastern Europe Catching Up? The Role of Foreign Investment, Human Resources, and Geography  (Download)

B11 2003

Martin Seidel

Die Weisungs- und Herrschaftsmacht der Europäischen Zentralbank im europäischen System der Zentralbanken - eine rechtliche Analyse  (Download)

B10 2003

Josef C. Brada, Vladimír Tomsík

Foreign Direct Investment and Perceptions of Vulnerability to Foreign Exchange Crises: Evidence from Transition Economies  (Download)

B09 2003

Gunnar Heinsohn, Otto Steiger

The European Central Bank and the Eurosystem: An Analysis of the Missing Central Monetary Institution in European Monetary Union  (Download)

B08 2003

Jürgen von Hagen, Jizhong Zhou

The Determination of Capital Controls: Which Role Do Exchange Rate Regimes Play?  (Download)

B07 2003

Martin Seidel

Nach Nizza und Stockholm: Stand des Binnenmarktes und Prioritäten für die Zukunft  (Download)

B06 2003

Jürgen von Hagen

Fiscal Discipline and Growth in Euroland. Experiences with the Stability and Growth Pact  (Download)

B05 2003

Michael Massmann, James Mitchell

Reconsidering the Evidence: Are Eurozone Business Cycles Converging?  (Download)

B04 2003

Stefan H. Lutz, Oleksandr Talavera

Do Ukrainian Firms Benefit from FDI?  (Download)

B03 2003

Stefan H. Lutz

Europäische Steuerkoordination und die Schweiz  (Download)

B02 2003

Mihails Hazans

Commuting in the Baltic States: Patterns, Determinants, and Gains  (Download)

B01 2003

Martin Seidel

Die Wirtschafts- und Währungsunion im rechtlichen und politischen Gefüge der Europäischen Union  (Download)


2002 the following titles have been published:


Author / Editor


B30 2002

Marcus Hagedorn / Ashok Kaul / Tim Mennel

An Adverse Selection Model of Optimal Unemployment Assurance  (Download)

B29B 2002

Jennifer Pédussel Wu

Trade Agreements as Self-protection  (Download)

B29A 2002

Debajyoti Chakrabarty

Growth and Business Cycles with Imperfect Credit Markets  (Download)

B28 2002

Debajyoti Chakrabarty

Inequality, Politics and Economic Growth  (Download)

B27 2002

Debajyoti Chakrabarty

Poverty Traps and Growth in a Model of Endogenous Time Preference  (Download)

B26 2002

Lucjan T. Orlowski

Monetary Convergence and Risk Premiums in the EU Candidate Countries  (Download)

B25 2002

Stefan Lutz

Trade Policy: "Institutional" Vs. "Economic" Factors  (Download)

B24 2002

Stefan Lutz

The Effects of Quotas on Vertical Intra-industry Trade  (Download)

B23 2002

Martin Seidel

Legal Aspects of European Economic and Monetary Union  (Download)

B22 2002

Otto Steiger

Der Staat als "Lender of Last Resort" - oder: Die Achillesverse des Eurosystems  (Download)

B21 2002

Ali M. Kutan and Taner M. Yigit

Nominal and Real Stochastic Convergence Within the Transition Economies and to the European Union: Evidence from Panel Data  (Download)

B20 2002

Bernd Hayo and Ali M. Kutan

The Impact of News, Oil Prices, and International Spillovers on Russian Fincancial Markets  (Download)

B19 2002

Jürgen von Hagen, Rolf R. Strauch and Guntram B. Wolff

East Germany: Transition with Unification, Experiments and Experiences  (Download)

B18 2002

Iulia Traistaru and Guntram B. Wolff

Regional Specialization and Employment Dynamics in Transition Countries  (Download)

B17 2002

Laura Resmini

Specialization and Growth Patterns in Border Regions of Accession Countries  (Download)

B16 2002

Iulia Traistaru, Peter Nijkamp and Simonetta Longhi

Regional Specialization and Concentration of Industrial Activity in Accession Countries  (Download)

B15 2002

Matthias Brückner and Andreas Schaber

Does Broad Money Matter for Interest Rate Policy?  (Download)

B14 2002

Christian E. Weller and Adam Hersch

The Long and Short of It: Global Liberalization, Poverty and Inequality  (Download)

B13 2002

Jürgen von Hagen and Jizhong Zhou

De Facto and Official Exchange Rate Regimes in Transition Economies  (Download)

B12 2002

Jiri Jonas

Argentina: The Anatomy of A Crisis  (Download)

B11 2002

Gunnar Heinsohn and Otto Steiger

The Eurosystem and the Art of Central Banking  (Download)

B10 2002

Martin Seidel

National Origins of European Law: Towards An Autonomous System of European Law?  (Download)

B09 2002

Volker Clausen and Bernd Hayo

Monetary Policy in the Euro Area - Lessons from the First Years  (Download)

B08 2002

Ali M. Kutan and Su Zhou

Has the Link Between the Spot and Forward Exchange Rates Broken Down? Evidence From Rolling Cointegration Tests  (Download)

B07 2002

Martin Seidel

Perspektiven der Erweiterung der Europäischen Union  (Download)

B06 2002

Su Zhou and Ali M. Kutan

Is There Asymmetry in Forward Exchange Rate Bias? Multi-Country Evidence  (Download)

B05 2002

Josef C. Brada, Ali M. Kutan and Su Zhou

Real and Monetary Convergence Within the European Union and Between the European Union and Candidate Countries: A Rolling Cointegration Approach  (Download)

B04 2002

Volker Clausen and Bernd Hayo

Asymmetric Monetary Policy Effects in EMU  (Download)

B03 2002

Jürgen von Hagen and Jizhong Zhou

The Choice of Exchange Rate Regimes: An Empirical Analysis for Transition Economies  (Download)

B02 2002

Karlheinz Ruckriegel and Franz Seitz

The Euro System and the Federal Reserve System Compared: Facts and Challenges  (Download)

B01 2002

Manfred J. M. Neumann and Jürgen von Hagen

Does Inflation Targeting Matter?  (Download)


2001 the following titles have been published:


Author / Editor


B29 2001

Karlygash Kuralbayeva, Ali M. Kutan and Michael L. Wyzan

Is Kazakhstan Vulnerable to the Dutch Disease?  (Download)

B28 2001

Deutsch-Französisches Wirtschaftspolitisches Forum

Political Economy of the Nice Treaty: Rebalancing the EU Council.
The Future of European Agricultural Policies  (Download)

B27 2001

Bernd Hayo and Ali M. Kutan

Investor Panic, IMF Actions, and Emerging Stock Market Returns and Volatility: A Panel Investigation  (Download)

B26 2001

Konstantinos Drakos and Ali M. Kutan

Regional Effects of Terrorism on Tourism: Evidence from Three Mediterranean Countries  (Download)

B25 2001

Lucjan T. Orlowski

Monetary Convergence of the EU Candidates to the Euro: A Theoretical Framework and Policy Implications  (Download)

B24 2001

Jarko and Jan Fidrmuc

Disintegration and Trade  (Download)

B23 2001

Jan Fidrmuc

Migration and Adjustment to Shocks in Transition Economies  (Download)

B22 2001

Matthias Brückner

Strategic Delegation and International Capital Taxation  (Download)

B21 2001

Josef C. Brada and Ali M. Kutan

Balkan and Mediterranean Candidates for European Union Membership: The Convergence of Their Monetary Policy With That of the Europaen Central Bank  (Download)

B20 2001

Anna Rubinchik-Pessach

An Empirical Inquiry of the Efficiency of Intergovernmental Transfers for Water Projects Based on the WRDA Data  (Download)

B19 2001

R.W. Hafer and Ali M. Kutan

Detrending and the Money-Output Link: International Evidence  (Download)

B18 2001

Jürgen von Hagen and Matthias Brückner

Monetary Policy in Unknown Territory. The European Central Bank in the Early Years  (Download)

B17 2001

Mark Hallerberg and Patrick Marier

Executive Authority, the Personal Vote, and Budget Discipline in Latin American and Carribean Countries  (Download)

B16 2001

Selahattin Dibooglu and Ali M. Kutan

Sources of Inflation and Output Fluctuations in Poland and Hungary: Implications for Full Membership in the European Union  (Download)

B15 2001

Christian E. Weller

Programs Without Alternative: Public Pensions in the OECD  (Download)

B14 2001

Rolf R. Strauch and Jürgen von Hagen

Formal Fiscal Restraints and Budget Processes As Solutions to a Deficit and Spending Bias in Public Finances - U.S. Experience and Possible Lessons for EMU  (Download)

B13 2001

Jürgen von Hagen and Rolf R. Strauch

German Public Finances: Recent Experiences and Future Challenges  (Download)

B12 2001

Deutsch-Französisches Wirtschaftspolitisches Forum

The Impact of Eastern Enlargement On EU-Labour Markets. Pensions Reform Between Economic and Political Problems  (Download)

B11 2001

Lilia Cavallari

Inflationary Performance in a Monetary Union With Large Wage Setters  (Download)

B10 2001

Ali M. Kutan and Niina Pautola-Mol

Integration of the Baltic States into the EU and Institutions of Fiscal Convergence: A Critical Evaluation of Key Issues and Empirical Evidence  (Download)

B09 2001

Jan Fidrmuc

Democracy in Transition Economies: Grease or Sand in the Wheels of Growth?  (Download)

B08 2001

Jürgen von Hagen and Susanne Mundschenk

The Functioning of Economic Policy Coordination  (Download)

B07 2001

Josef C. Brada and Ali M. Kutan

The Convergence of Monetary Policy Between Candidate Countries and the European Union  (Download)

B06 2001

Konstantinos Drakos and Ali M. Kutan

Opposites Attract: The Case of Greek and Turkish Financial Markets  (Download)

B05 2001

Deutsch-Französisches Wirtschaftspolitisches Forum

Trade Rules and Global Governance: A Long Term Agenda. The Future of Banking.  (Download)

B04 2001

Rafael di Tella, Robert J. MacCulloch

The Determination of Unemployment Benefits  (Download)

B03 2001

Rafael di Tella, Robert J. MacCulloch and Andrew J. Oswald

Preferences Over Inflation and Unemployment: Evidence from Surveys of Happiness  (Download)

B02 2001

Michele Fratianni, Jürgen von Hagen

The Konstanz Seminar on Monetary Theory and Policy at Thirty  (Download)

B01 2001

Etienne Farvaque, Gael Lagadec

Divided Boards: Partisanship Through Delegated Monetary Policy  (Download)


2000 the following titles have been published:


Author / Editor


B20 2000

Etienne Farvaque

Breakin-up a Nation, From the Inside  (Download)

B19 2000

Jens Hölscher

Income Dynamics and Stability in the Transition Process, general Reflections applied to the Czech Republic  (Download)

B18 2000

Karl-Martin Ehrhart, Roy Gardner, Jürgen von Hagen and Claudia Keser

Budget Processes: Theory and Experimental Evidence  (Download)

B17 2000

Martin Seidel

Rückführung der Landwirtschaftspolitik in die Verantwortung der Mitgliedsstaaten? - Rechts- und Verfassungsfragen des Gemeinschaftsrechts  (Download)

B16 2000

Christa Randzio-Plath and Tomasso Padoa-Schioppa

The European Central Bank: Independence and Accountability  (Download)

B15 2000

Jürgen von Hagen and Ralf Hepp

Regional Risk Sharing and Redistribution in the German Federation  (Download)

B14 2000

Selahattin Dibooglu and Ali M. Kutan

Sources of Real Exchange Rate Fluctuations in Transition Economies: The Case of Poland and Hungary  (Download)

B13 2000

Nauro F. Campos

Back to the Future: The Growth Prospects of Transition Economies Reconsidered  (Download)

B12 2000

Martin Seidel

Rechtsetzung und Rechtsangleichung als Folge der Einheitlichen Europäischen Währung  (Download)

B11 2000

Lucjan T. Orlowski

A Dynamic Approach to Inflation Targeting in Transition Economies  (Download)

B10 2000

Marc Hallerberg

The Importance of Domestic Political Institutions: Why and How Belgium Qualified for EMU  (Download)

B09 2000

Rafael Di Tella and Robert MacCulloch

Rational Institutions Yield Hysteresis  (Download)

B08 2000

Kenneth Kletzer

The Effectiveness of Self-Protection Policies for Safeguarding Emerging Market Economies from Crises  (Download)

B07 2000


Financial Supervision and Policy Coordination in The EMU (Deutsch-Französisches Wirtschaftspolitisches Forum-Forum Economique Franco-Allemand)  (Download)

B06 2000

Bernd Hayo

The Demand for Money in Austria  (Download)

B05 2000

Jan Fidrmuc

Liberalization, Democracy and Economic Performance during Transition  (Download)

B04 2000

Christa Randzio-Plath

A New Political Culture in The EU - Democratic Accountability of the ECB  (Download)

B03 2000

Jarko Fidrmuc and Jan Fidrmuc

Integration, Disintegration and Trade in Europe: Evolution of Trade Relations during the 1990's  (Download)

B02 2000

Josef C. Barda, Arthur E. King and Ali M. Kutan

Inflation Bias and Productivity Shocks in Transition Economies: The Case of the Czech Republic  (Download)

B01 2000

Kenneth Kletzer and Jürgen von Hagen

Monetary Union and Fiscal Federalism  (Download)


1999 the following titles have been published:


Author / Editor


B26 1999

Stefan Lutz and Alessandro Turrini

Skills, Labour Costs, and Vertically Differentiated Industries: A General Equilibrium Analysis  (Download)

B25 1999

Bernd Hayo

Micro and Macro Determinants of Public Support for Market Reforms in Eastern Europe  (Download)

B24 1999

Robert MacCulloch

What Makes a Revolution?  (Download)

B23 1999

Rafael Di Tella and Robert MacCulloch

Informal Family Insurance and the Design of the Welfare State  (Download)

B22 1999

Rafael Di Tella and Robert MacCulloch

Partisan Social Happiness  (Download)

B21 1999

Josef C. Brada and Ali M. Kutan

The End of Moderate Inflation in Three Transition Economies?  (Download)

B20 1999

Helmut Seitz

Subnational Government Bailouts in Germany  (Download)

B19 1999

Ali M. Kutan and Josef C. Brada

The Evolution of Monetary Policy in Transition Economies  (Download)

B18 1999

Christian E. Weller and Bernard Morzuch

Why are Eastern Europe`s Banks not failing when everybody else's are?  (Download)

B17 1999

Jan Fidrmuc, Julius Horvath and Jarko Fidrmuc

Stability of Monetary Unions: Lessons from the Break-Up of Czechoslovakia  (Download)

B16 1999

Christian E.Weller and Mark J. Scher

Multinational Banks and Development Finance  (Download)

B15 1999

Christian E. Weller

Financial Crises after Financial Liberalization: Exceptional Circumstances or Structural Weakness?  (Download)

B14 1999

Bernd Hayo and Birgit Uhlenbrock

Industry Effects of Monetary Policy in Germany  (Download)

B13 1999

Christian E. Weller and Jürgen von Hagen

Fiancial Fragility or What Went Right and What Could Go Wrong in Central European Banking?  (Download)

B12 1999

Mehmet Caner and Lutz Kilian

Size Distortions of Tests of the Null Hypothesis of Stationarity: Evidence and Implications for Applied Work  (Download)

B11 1999


Financial Supervision and Policy Coordination in the EMU
(Deutsch-Französisches Wirtschaftspolitisches Forum/ Forum Economique Franco-Allemand)  (Download)

B10 1999

Christian Weller

Financial Liberalization, Multinational Banks and Credit Supply: The Case of Poland  (Download)

B09 1999

Volker Wieland

Monetary Policy, Parameter Uncertainty and Optimal Learning  (Download)

B08 1999

Christian Weller

The Connection between more Multinational Banks and less Real Credit in Transition Economies  (Download)

B07 1999

Christopher M. Cornwell and Jens-Uwe Wächter

Comovement and Catch-up in Productivity across Sectors: Evidence from the OECD  (Download)

B06 1999

Christopher M. Cornwell and Jens-Uwe Wächter

Productivity Convergence and Economic Growth: A Frontier Production Function Approach  (Download)

B05 1999

Jürgen von Hagen and Rolf Strauch

Tumbling Giant: Germany`s Experience with the Maastricht Fiscal Criteria  (Download)

B04 1999

Christian Weller

The Finance-Investment Link in a Transition Economy: Evidence for Poland from Panel Data  (Download)

B03 1999

Rafael Di Tella, Robert MacCulloch and Andrew J. Oswald

The Macroeconomics of Happiness  (Download)

B02 1999

Rafael Di Tella and Robert MacCulloch

The Consequences of Labour Market Flexibility: Panel Evidence Based on Survey Data  (Download)

B01 1999

Robert B.H. Hauswald

The Excess Volatility of Foreign Exchange Rates: Statistical Puzzle or Theoretical Artifact?  (Download)


1998 the following titles have been published:


Author / Editor


B16 1998


Labour Market & Tax Policy in the EMU
(Deutsch-Französisches Wirtschaftspolitisches Forum/ Forum Economique Franco-Allemand)  (Download)

B15 1998

Stefan Lutz

Can Taxing Foreign Competition Harm the Domestic Industry? (Download)

B14 1998

Rafael Reuveny and John Maxwell

Free Trade and Arms Races: Some Thoughts Regarding EU-Russian Trade (Download)

B13 1998

Jürgen von Hagen

Fiscal Policy and Intranational Risk-Sharing (Download)

B12 1998

Athanasios Orphanides and Volker Wieland

Price Stability and Monetary Policy Effectiveness when Nominal Interest Rates are Bounded at Zero 

B11A 1998

Rolf Strauch

Die Bewertung der "dauerhaft tragbaren öffentlichen Finanzlage" der EU Mitgliedstaaten beim Übergang zur dritten Stufe der EWWU  (Download)

B11 1998

Julius Horvath and Jiri Jonas

Exchange Rate Regimes in the Transition Economies: Case Study of the Czech Republic: 1990 1997  (Download)

B10 1998

Martin Seidel

Der Wettbewerb der Rechts- und politischen Systeme in der Europäischen Union  (Download)

B09 1998

Robert L. Hetzel

U.S. Monetary Policy and Monetary Policy and the ESCB  (Download)

B08 1998

Bernd Hayo

Money-Output Granger Causality Revisited: An Empirical Analysis of EU Countries
(überarbeitete Version zum Herunterladen)  (Download)


B07 1998

John W. Maxwell


Designing Voluntary Environmental Agreements in Europe: Some Lessons from the U.S. EPA`s 33/50 Program  (Download)


B06 1998

Kenneth Kletzer

Monetary Union, Asymmetric Productivity Shocks and Fiscal Insurance: an Analytical Discussion of Welfare Issues 


B05 1998

Bernd Hayo


Estimating a European Demand for Money
(überarbeitete Version zum Herunterladen)  (Download)


B04 1998




The EMU's Exchange Rate Policy
(Deutsch-Französisches Wirtschaftspolitisches Forum/ Forum Economique Franco-Allemand)  (Download)


B03 1998

Jürgen von Hagen / Ingo Fender


Central Bank Policy in a More Perfect Financial System  (Download)


B02 1998

Jaleel Ahmad


Trade with Low-Wage Countries and Wage Inequality  (Download)


B01 1998

Jürgen von Hagen


Budgeting Institutions for Aggregate Fiscal Discipline  (Download)



1997 the following titles have been published:


Author / Editor


B04 1997

Kenneth Kletzer


Macroeconomic Stabilization with a Common Currency: Does European Monetary Unification Create a Need for Fiscal Insurance or Federalism? 


B03 1997

Tom Lyon / John Mayo


Liberalising European Markets for Energy and Telecommunications: Some Lessons from the US Electric Utility Industry 


B02 1997




Employment and EMU
(Deutsch-Französisches Wirtschaftspolitisches Forum/ Forum Economique Franco-Allemand)  (Download)


B01 1997





A Stability Pact for Europe
(a Forum organized by ZEI) 



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