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ZEI Discussion Paper C 210/2012

Peter M. Schmidhuber: Europäische Integration aus historischer Erfahrung. Ein Zeitzeugengespräch mit Michael Gehler

ZEI Discussion Paper C 210/2012

As part of the ZEI series of historic conversations with former German EU Commissioners, ZEI Senior Fellow Prof. Dr. Michael Gehler presents the reflections with former EU Commissioner Peter Schmidhuber in this "Discussion Paper".

Peter M. Schmidhuber studied law and economy at the Ludwig-Maximilians University Munich. Having joined the Bavarian political party Christian Social Union (CSU) since 1952 he became a member of the municipal council (1960-66), the national parliament 'Bundestag' (1965-1969, 1972-78) and the provincial parliament 'Bayerischer Landtag' (1978-87). At the same time (1978-87) he served also as a State Minister of Federal Affairs in the cabinet of the Bavarian Minister President Franz Josef Strauß. From 1987 to 1995 Schmidhuber was a member of the EU Commission headed by Jacques Delors in Brussels. During these years Schmidhuber was responsible for regional policy, market economy and budget control. This eyewitness talk provides new insights about German contemporary history after 1945 as well as the transition process from the European Communities to the European Union in the 1980s and the 1990s.

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