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15 years MES: new faculty members, extended Career Development Program

Established in 1998, ZEI‘s Master of European Studies (MES) program in its 15th year is happy to welcome the new students of the program year 2012/2013 starting this October. In the interests of ensuring high academic standards and a fruitful working environment among the MES lecturers and the new students from all over the world, ideas, concerns and opinions of former and current MES fellows have again been taken into account when planning the upcoming two semesters.

In this regard, the MES program would firstly like to introduce a new female faculty member, Mrs. Karolina Rokicka. Mrs. Rokicka is going to teach the basic law module on EU institutions, procedures and law. She is head of the public law section at the Academy of European Law (ERA) in Trier, Germany, and has been representing the Polish government before the Court of Justice of the EU, the General Court and the EFTA Court. 

Secondly, for the first time since its start 15 years ago, MES is going to offer intercultural training sessions in the beginning of the first semester. After successful completion of this module, participants receive a certificate confirming their intercultural competences. This new extracurricular module will not only be a logical complement to the existing MES Career Development Program that in the students‘ evaluations is always awarded with the highest scores, but it will also provide the MES fellows with a deeper intercultural understanding and improve their chances to start a successful professional career. The new element will be taught and supervised by Dr. Zlatko Bodrožić who, for some time now, has successfully been working with the University of Bonn.

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