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ZEI EU-Turkey-Monitor Vol. 7, No. 2/3

The ‘costs’ of non-integration of Turkey

Enlargement fatigue is widespread throughout the Union, while the ongoing debate for or against Turkish membership in the Union in particular has hardly produced any new arguments. However, if one takes interdependencies and interconnectedness seriously, the debate needs to take on a specific angle by asking what benefits can be expected of Turkish membership - for the EU and for Turkey. To phrase it differently: What are the “costs” of preventing Turkey from being integrated into the European Union? Just as the Cecchini Report in 1988 argued the case for the completion of the internal market, enlargement can also be - and needs to be - addressed from such a point of view. This issue of the ZEI EU-Turkey-Monitor features reflections on exactly these “costs” of non-integration, together with an article highlighting the potential of integration by looking at Science and Research as a positive example - the only chapter in accession negotiations with Turkey so far that has been opened and (provisionally) closed.   (More...)


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