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ZEI Discussion Paper C 203/2011

Ludger Kühnhardt/Tilman Mayer (eds.): Die Gestaltung der Globalität. Wirkungen der Globalität auf ausgewählte Fächer der Philosophischen Fakultät

ZEI Discussion Paper C 203/2011

Working Colloquium "Shaping Globality"

The authors of this ZEI Discussion Paper reflect on the implications of globality and the global turn for their respective academic discipline. The authors are professors at the Faculty of Arts of Bonn University. With their texts, they connect the overall abstract academic discussions on globalization with the new orientations necessary in their respective field of studies and research. They understand this global challenge as a unique opportunity for their area of academic work.

Since 2009, the Center for European Integration Studies (ZEI) and several professors at the Faculty of Arts and at the Faculty of Protestant Theology of Bonn University are involved in a research project titled “Shaping Globality”. It deals with the implications of globalization on cultural and social sciences. This ZEI Discussion Paper is the third publication originating in the joint research project.

ZEI Discussion Paper C 203 includes contributions by Michael Bernsen (Romance Studies), Markus Gabriel (Philosophy), Dominik Geppert (European Contemporary History), Konrad Klaus (Indology), Harald Meyer (Japanology), Barbara Schmidt-Haberkamp (New English Literatures and Postcolonial Studies), Caja Thimm (Media Science) as well as Ludger Kühnhardt and Tilman Mayer (Political Science).

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