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Shaping Europe’s Future

Presentation of project results „France, Germany and European Crises“ in Brussels

Having regard to ongoing crises, Europe is yet again at a crossroads. If Europe manages to take on leadership by credibility, it will promote inner stability as well as enhance its position in the world. In order to achieve this, no revolutionary changes are necessary. Europeans will rather have to improve the coordination of existing policies in order to assure a more coherent and therefore more influential policy impact. This does also apply to intra-European policy making: Sustainable leadership can only be attained by credible policies in order to advance the Union as a whole. Due to their close institutional ties, France and Germany are best placed to take on such a leadership within the European Union. These main theses were presented on 19 January 2011 in Brussels by Dr. Louis-Marie Clouet, Ifri, and ZEI Fellow Dr. Andreas Marchetti, coordinators of the Franco-German research project “France, Germany and European Crises”. The final conference brought together officials from the EU and member states, media representatives and experts from other think tanks in order to discuss the main results of the project.




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