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Regional Integration as a political model for the 21th century?

ZEI Academy offers platform for discussion for 19 junior professionals from all over the world

Regional Integration as a political model for the 21th century?

Participants with Axel Voss, member of European Parliament and ZEI Director Prof. Ludger Kühnhardt

From 5-16 September 2011, the Center for European Integration Studies (ZEI) at Bonn University organized its fifth “ZEI Academy in Comparative Regional Integration. 19 young professionals coming from universities, research institute and institutions of regional integration schemes from all over the world enjoyed to opportunity to learn about the various aspects of regional integration on the basis of the European example, to discuss and exchange with experts from academia and practice and also to present their own integration schemes to each other.

Although it is facing big challenges, the European integration process because of its huge experience collected in the course of the last 60 years is still as source of inspiration for integration schemes outside of Europe.

The efforts for regional integration in Africa, Latin America, the Caribbean and Asia are different among each other as they are different from the European experience. Thus it would be wrong to just copy the European model. Still, with regard to the success in the fields of peace, stability and economic prosperity as well as with regard to the crises it has gone through, the European integration process Europe is a frontrunner, an example from which other regions can learn. In this spirit, the “ZEI Academy” was a forum to enhance the knowledge about the integration process in the EU but especially also for debating the other integration systems in the regions of origin of the participants.

On the first day of the Academy, the Member of European Parliament, Axel Voss gave an overview over the current situation in the European Union. The following two weeks were filled with lectures, discussions and workshops. Furthermore the participants visited the European institutions in Brussels as well as the European Central Bank in Frankfurt and there had the opportunity to discuss with practitioners, whose daily business is European integration.

The participants were chosen out of over 80 candidates could gain practical insight into the complexity of policies and working structures of the EU.

The “ZEI Academy” forms part of the ZEI research project “Regional integration worldwide” with the framework of the ZEI research group on “Europe´s role in the world”. ZEI already conducts research, further education and consulting in the field of regional integration for several years now.

The “ZEI Academy” is support by the German Academic Exchange Service (DAAD) with funds of the German Ministry of Foreign Affairs and the “Deutsche Gesellschaft für Internationale Zusammenarbeit” (GIZ).

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