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MES Fellows and Alumni in Brussels

ZEI network facilitates career opportunities in Brussels

MES Fellows and Alumni in Brussels

MES Fellows at the European Commission in Brussels

ZEI’s Master of European Studies Fellows engaged in fruitful discussions on EU affairs with former ZEI Fellows and EU officials during their recent excursion to Brussels (31.1. -2.2.2011).

The current ZEI Class of 2011 met, among others, with ZEI Alumni Johannes Noack and Katharina von Schnurbein, both officials at the European Commission, Susanne Kiefer, civil servant at the European Council, Daniela Stoycheva, employee at the EU’s Committee of the Regions and Patrick Schäfer, diplomat at the Permanent Representation of Germany to the EU.

These ZEI Alumni are a few examples of many careers in the EU context after studying at and graduating from ZEI.

ZEI’s Class of 2011 met more than a dozen ZEI Alumni during the field trip to Brussels. Former ZEI Fellows are spread across the institutional landscape of Brussels, from the European Parliament, the Council and the European Commission to several think tanks, consultancies and lobbying organizations.

The ZEI Alumni network is a vital element in the support of career opportunities that current - and future! – ZEI Fellows can benefit from in the pursuit of their own career steps following the Master’s degree obtained in Bonn.

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