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ZEI Discussion Paper C 263 / 2021
Muhammad Murad: Geo-economics of the European Union and the China Challenge
ZEI Discussion Paper C 264 / 2021
Jette Knapp: Struggling to Find a Recipe for Peace – Ten Years of European Initiatives to End the Conflict in Syria
ZEI Discussion Paper C 265 / 2021
Stephan Conermann / Rahel Hutgens: Macron’s Idea of European Universities: From Vision to Reality – The Implementation
ZEI Discussion Paper C 266 / 2021
Kwan Lok Alan Ho: “Loud thunder, little rain” – Participatory Democracy in the European Union, Examining the European Citizens’ Initiative as an example
ZEI Discussion Paper C 267 / 2021
Ludger Kühnhardt: The post-corona world. A research agenda
ZEI Discussion Paper C 268 / 2021
Daniel René Jung, Wolfgang Picken, Matteo Scotto, Liska Wittenberg (eds.): Corona und die Verfassung Europas
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