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ZEI "Class of 2017" Meets Alumni in Brussels

Experiencing the atmosphere of the European Union first hand: Discussing with ZEI Alumni in the European Commission about current EU policies, getting to know the work of the Council of the European Union in practice. On their three-day visit to Brussels, the participants of the Master of European Studies – Governance and Regulation visited several EU institutions and discussed recent European and international issues with EU staff.

The Class of 2017 met with ZEI Alumni working at the European Commission. Amongst them were Ann Mettler, Head of the European Political Strategy Center (EPSC); Katharina von Schnurbein, Coordinator of the European Commission for combating Antisemitism; Niall Judge, Administrator for Digital Communications in the General Directorate “Environment”,   Christina Wunder, Press Officer for International Cooperation and Development.


Class of 2017 meets ZEI Alumna Ann Mettler

Additionally, they gained insights into the field of interest representation through discussions with ZEI Alumnus Tristan Suffys, Secretary General of Eurofuel.

Back in Bonn, the ZEI Fellows are getting ready for the second study term with courses on the EU, for instance on the EU’s economic policies and the Law of Sector-Specific Regulation.

The international postgraduate program at ZEI has been offered since 1998 and supported by the German Federal Foreign Office ever since. The program is recommended by the ministry to candidates who intend to start an international career.

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