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ZEI Discussion Paper C 237/2016

Matthias Vogl / Rike Sohn: Nachhaltige regionale Integration in Westafrika und Europa. ZEI Forschungskooperation mit dem West Africa Institute (WAI) von 2007 bis 2016

ZEI Discussion Paper C 237/2016

Given the growing importance of regional integration in the world and in light of its working plan to analyse unresolved problems of European integration and Europe’s role in the world, the Center for European Integration Studies (ZEI) started to build a research agenda on comparative regional integration in 2005. Out of this worldwide research program, numerous summer schools, as well as the bi-regional research and consulting cooperation “Sustainable Regional Integration in West Africa and Europe”, a joint project with the West Africa Institute (WAI) in Praia, Cabo Verde, evolved during the following years. The latter was sponsored by the German Federal Ministry of Education and Research (BMBF) during the years 2010-2016 as a social science beacon project of the ministry’s internationalization strategy. WAI is the first research institute of its kind in West Africa, offering academic analysis, concrete policy advice and the dissemination of knowledge on regional integration in West Africa.

The joint ZEI-WAI project aimed particularly at supporting WAI in the establishment and organization of its research, as well as the joint analysis of selected policy fields through bi-regional research groups, providing the basis for soundly advising policy-makers and other stakeholders of regional integration. All research results have been published as part of the joint publication program. Focus areas of the research were “Regional Integration and Policy Formulation Processes”, “Economic Integration and Regional Trade” and “Institutional Capacity Development”. In addition, West African postgraduate scholars were trained within the Master of European Studies – formed Governance and Regulation at ZEI. At the same time, ZEI supported the establishment of a specialized library in African Regional Integration at the National Library in Cabo Verde and the creation of a Master program in African Regional Integration (MARI) of WAI and the University of Cabo Verde (UNI-CV).

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