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WAI-ZEI Paper No. 31 / 2016

Solomon Gebreyohans Gebru: Regional Integration in the Horn of Africa: State of Affairs and Challenges. Praia/Bonn 2016.

Following the path of the European Union, regional integration has been promoted as one of the mechanisms that would enable states to promote their economy and enhance their social connectivity and security. Either due to its size or other factors, post-independence Africa witnessed several regional integration arrangements, making Africa the continent with the highest density of regional economic communities.

The WAI-ZEI Paper at hand presents the state of affairs and challenges of regional integration within the Horn of Africa. It introduces a conceptual regional integration framework, the genesis and evolution of regional integration on the African continent, as well as the state of play and challenges of regional integration within the Inter-Governmental Authority on Development (IGAD), compared to other African regional economic communities (RECs). Since the Horn of Africa is known for violent inter and intra-state conflict, it is not surprising that many of the activities of IGAD have been centered around issues related to peace and security, while - compared to other African RECs - the overall progress of integration in the IGAD region has been lagging behind.


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