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WAI-ZEI Paper No. 30 / 2016

Wanyama Masinde / Chris Omolo: Key Factors of Capacity Development for Regional Integration in Africa. Praia/Bonn 2016.

Over the last few decades, there has been a resurgence of regionalism across the globe that has also touched the continent of Africa. This new wave of regionalism features deeper political and economic integration, beyond the free trade arrangements that characterized traditional regionalization, and is characterized by far more complex and multi-dimensional processes and institutions.

The WAI-ZEI Paper at hand discusses the project of African regionalism and analyzes the impediments it faces, such as insecurity and political instability, poor regional infrastructure, weak institutional capacities and divergent country attitudes towards regional integration. How Africa navigates through these factors will determine whether it achieves the ultimate objective of integration: the establishment of the African Economic Community.


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