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New book release: Africa, the EU and new partners

Ludger Kühnhardt, Africa Consensus: New Interests, Initiatives and Partners, Washington D.C./Baltimore: The Woodrow Wilson Center Press/Johns Hopkins University Press, 2014, 380 pages.

Comparative Regional Integration

The relationship between Europe and its neighboring continent Africa is embedded in the current global transformation and linked to the interest of other regions in the future development of Africa. Against this backdrop, ZEI Director Prof. Dr. Ludger Kühnhardt, member of the Scientific Committee of the West Africa Institute and Global Fellow of the Woodrow Wilson International Center for Scholars in Washington D.C.,  has published a comprehensive scholarly study on the interplay between African strategies for the future of the continent and external interests and initiatives engaging the main partners of Africa, i.e. the European Union, the US, and China, but also India, Brazil and the Arab states. The book studies the compatibility and complementarity of the different Africa-related strategies and initiatives. It is based on extensive field research across Africa, discussions with leading policy actors in the EU, the United States and China, and a thorough study of the international academic literature on Africa and its international relations. While the 19th century saw a "Scramble for Africa" in the context of the colonial race between several European countries, the 21st century is experiencing a "Scramble with Africa": Genuine African interests and initiatives, coupled with  growing differentiation among countries and regions of Africa, interact with the external strategies of the main partners of Africa. Beyond the Washington Consensus and the widely claimed Beijing Consensus, Africa and the external partners of the continent are in reality currently shaping an "Africa Consensus" which is driven by African ownership. Following the 4th EU-AU summit of April 2014, meant to consolidate the strategic partnership between Europe and Africa, this innovative study - highly acclaimed by international peer-reviewers as a new standard study on the international role and relevance of Africa -  sheds new light and perspective on the global role and relevance of Africa and hence on the way the leading regions of the world  - especially the EU, the United States and China, but increasingly also Brazil, India and the Arab Gulf states - interact with a continent in transformation. First international reactions laud the book as an innovative and substantial scholarly contribution to the reconfiguration of the global role of Africa in the context of transatlantic relations and the international order.  The peer reviewed book is said to have the potential to become a new classic in its field. The book was published by Woodrow Wilson Center Press and Johns Hopkins University Press.

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