ZEI Monitor: Von der Leyen Kommission 2019-2024

The ZEI Monitor traces the implementation of the annual work programs of the European Commission. It provides researchers and practitioners with a research tool to continuously analyze the legislation of the EU institutions for which the Ordinary Legislative Procedure is applicable. It is based on the six work priorities formulated by EU Commission President Ursula von der Leyen for the term of office 2019-2024 and builds upon ZEI's previous work on the Juncker Commission between 2014 and 2019.

ZEI Annual Reviews

ZEI Future of Europe Observer Jg. 9 Nr. 1/2021

Our "Future of Europe Observer" takes stock of the implementation of the von der Leyen Commission's 2020 work program.

EU Work Programmes

ZEI Future of Europe Observer Jg. 8 Nr. 1/2020

This issue of the ZEI Future of Europe Observer marks the launch of ZEI's refocused research project on the annual work programmes of the European Commission.


Proposal (legislative / non-legislative) not tabled yet


Ongoing ordinary legislative procedure


Legislative procedure completed / non-legislative proposal published

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ZEI Monitor: Previous Results

The ongoing monitoring of the European Commission's work by the ZEI Monitor is included in a final evaluation so that the entire legislative period can be subjected to a complete analysis, as has already been done for the Juncker Commission.

The Juncker Commission. Politicizing EU Policies

This study analyzes the work of the European Commission under President Jean-Claude Juncker (2014-2019). It is based on the ZEI Monitor research project on the Commission's work programmes.

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