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 ZEI Fellows 

ZEI Fellows are English-speaking young professionals from all over the world who plan to enter positions in EU institutions, international organizations, national adminstrations, NGOs or national/multinational companies. Every year ZEI welcomes participants from many different countries. The small class of up to 32 students per year allows for comprehensive individual support as well as for a close student network.


 Group photo 2017-2018.jpeg

 ZEI Fellows (Class of 2018)

                                  Meet the "Class of 2018"

  • Idda Repha Awiti (Kenia)
  • Felicia Badalova (Moldova)
  • Anil Bhandari (Nepal)
  • Rim Dawa (Syria)
  • Yashneira Lalia (Philippines)
  • Ravi Khanal (Nepal)
  • Yuliya Mysko (Portugal)
  • Bonan Shan (China)
  • Patrick Tonissen (USA)
  • Yi Wang (China)


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