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 ZEI Fellows 

ZEI Fellows are English-speaking young professionals from all over the world who plan to enter positions in EU institutions, international organizations, national adminstrations, NGOs or national/multinational companies. Every year ZEI welcomes participants from many different countries. The small class allows for comprehensive individual support as well as for a close student network.


 Class of 2022

 ZEI Fellows (Class of 2022)


Derya Acikalin (Turkey), Abdul Ahad (India), Hilinay Aksu (Turkey), Bianca Berndt (Germany), Dusan Brujic (Serbia), Antonina Degtyareva (Russia), Chanwit Ditcharoen (Thailand), Andrea Del Camino Duarte López de Villagran (Costa Rica), Elona Elezi (Albania), Marie-Agnès Fine (France), Uendi Hajderaj (Albania), Christopher Jones (Germany), Valentino Juergens (USA), Ege Katircioglu (Turkey), Kateryna Khalabuzar (Ukraine), Zahid Khan (Pakistan), Hyunjeong Kim (South Korea), Man Yee Li (Hong Kong), Caroline Mair (Great Britian), Marie Mechela (Germany), Celine Merhej (Lebanon), Hiu Ling Ng (Hong Kong), Ashaben Patel (India/USA), Sivakalyan Reddy Patil (India), JocelyneRodríguez-Borisch (Mexico), Mikhael Sanchez (Philippines), Philipp Sandmann (Germany), Sirmahan Sayar (Turkey), Koen Verhelst (Netherlands), Nicole Emellie Yu (Phillipines), Eliot Zenunaj (Kosovo). 







This video was created by Natalie Hungate from the Class of 2019 recapping their year at ZEI. It gives you a student perspective of the program and life in Bonn. 

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