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Master of European Studies Study at ZEI in 2017/ 2018


Study at ZEI in 2017/2018


Apply now for the academic year 2017 / 2018 ...


ZEI "Class of 2017" Meets Alumni in Brussels


ZEI "Class of 2017" Meets Alumni in Brussels


The participants of the ZEI Master of European Studies - Governance and Regulation, "Class of 2017", visited several EU institutions in Brussels.    More...


Extended Career Development Program  More...

Sally Brammer

Academic Coordinator

phone: +49 (0)228-73 4929
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Ralf Meyer
Program Coordinator

phone: +49 (0)228-73 1886
fax: +49 (0)228-73 1793
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Center for European Integration Studies
Walter-Flex-Strasse 3
53113 Bonn, Germany

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 ZEI Fellows 


ZEI Fellows are English-speaking graduates from all over the world who plan to enter positions in EU institutions, international organizations, national adminstrations, NGOs or national/multinational companies. Every year ZEI welcomes participants from many different countries. The small class of up to 32 students per year allows for comprehensive individual support as well as for a close student network.


 ZEI Class of 2017

 ZEI Fellows (Class of 2017)


Meet the "Class of 2017"



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