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Scholarships and Accomodation in Bonn

Accomodation in Bonn

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ZEI can help you to apply for rooms in one of the student dorms of the University if Bonn as a participant of the Master program. 

Rooms must be rented for a minimum of 3 months. All rooms are single rooms. Monthly rates vary from € 163,00 to € 320,00, depending on quality, size of the room, age and location of the dorm, etc. The rent covers usage of water, heating, and electric power. Access to cable TV and/or to the internet (via LAN) is usually included as well. You can also look for a room in a shared flat (very common among students in Germany) on the private market.

You can find more information (in German) here.




The tuition fee of the ZEI's Master program is € 6,500. Every participant has to pay the entire tuition fee. We strongly recommend you to collect information about financing options well in advance.

Below you will find some suggestions for scholarships. We recommend looking for alternative options in your home countries.

ZEI Fellows have won several scholarships which the European Commission provides for university graduates from European neighborhood countries, including Russia and the Southern Mediterranean.

In addition, the following foundations or programs have granted scholarships to ZEI Fellows in recent years. Please check with each foundation if you are eligible to apply and apply directly to the scholarship programs:



Here...  you can find a more detailed overview of foundations that have granted scholarships to ZEI fellows in the past.

For further information check the databases of DAAD and Mastersportal.EU

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