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Master of European Studies Program

Dear Future Student,

Joining our highly acclaimed master program is an important turning point for your future. Studying at ZEI offers you the chance to understand the EU and the critical interplay between governance and regulation. ZEI professors and a "flying" faculty of renowned experts and practitioners travel to Bonn from all over the EU, teaching the program in intensive seminars. As a ZEI Fellow (our students) you will be part of an international group of young professionals with diverse backgrounds and experiences, and will have the opportunity to have your research published and be a part of the ZEI research team. Together with your class mates you will visit and experience the EU institutions first hand. Making friends and contacts which will stay with you throughout your life. At the completion of your studies you will become a valued member of the worldwide ZEI Alumni Network.

ZEI will help you to find your role within the EU.

If you have any questions and are considering applying for the 2022/2023 academic year feel free to get in touch with our Academic coordinator Sally Brammer [Email protection active, please enable JavaScript.] 

Program start: Mid-October each year
Program duration: One year (full-time)
Degree: Master of European Studies (60 ECTS points), granted by the Faculty of Arts, University of Bonn
Location: Center for European Integration Studies (ZEI), University of Bonn, Germany
Eligible applicants: University graduates with initial work experience
Tuition fee: EUR 6,500 Includes: Excursions, all reading materials, Career Development Program, intercultural training sessions, welcome week.
Scholarships: Please see Scholarhips and Accomodation in Bonn
Class size: Up to 32
Working language: English
International students per year: Approx. 70 percent
Further information: Please contact us at - [Email protection active, please enable JavaScript.] Check us out on Facebook or  Youtube 
Our unique training concept
 Career dimension 1: 
 Expert knowledge provided during basic and  specialized modules
 Career dimension 2:
 Career Development Program to train presentation skills and to support the job entry
 Career dimension 3:
 Europe Dialogues, Business Talks and excursions to gain an insight into future job   options
Course Duration
1st Semester: October-February    2nd Semester: March- June    Master Thesis: June-AugustYear Overview
The curriculum is composed of module-based classes starting in October and running until the end of June. During the nine month period of full-time studies, students gain deep insight into the political, economic and legal aspects of the EU. During the months of June - August students complete the master thesis.
For the successful completion of the program students receive 60 ECTS credit points (44 ECTS for all modules, 16 ECTS for the master thesis).


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