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ZEI "Class of 2017" Meets Alumni in Brussels


ZEI "Class of 2017" Meets Alumni in Brussels


The participants of the ZEI Master of European Studies - Governance and Regulation, "Class of 2017", visited several EU institutions in Brussels.    More...


Extended Career Development Program  More...

Sally Brammer

Academic Coordinator

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Ralf Meyer
Program Coordinator

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Center for European Integration Studies
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53113 Bonn, Germany

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The curriculum comprises 360 hours of basic and specialized modules. It is arranged in an interdisciplinary way. Students take modules in

  • Political Science, where the focus is on contemporary political issues in Europe, multi-level decision-making in the EU, as well as the institutional and policy development of the EU since the ratification of the Treaties of Rome;
  • Law, which deals with the constitutional principles of the EU, the sources and application of EU law, as well as the legal structure of the internal market and the jurisdiction of the European Court of Justice and other constitutional courts in the EU.
  • Economics, which covers the principles of economic governance in the EU, i. e. economic, monetary and financial aspects of the EU, and includes analyses of the EU's internal market against the backdrop of economic globalization, and the international trade regime;

Basic modules provide students with a general knowledge and an overview of the subject. Specialized modules help to gain a deeper understanding of particularly important policy areas.


2017/2018 Module plan 


1st semester  

Basic Modules Basics Governance and Regulation Module examination
  Governance in the EU: Historic evolution and political system     paper
  Law of the EU: Institutions and Procedures  exam
  Political economy of European integration  exam


Specialized Modules Focus Governance and Regulation Modules Module examination
  Multi-level decision-making in the EU – between national and EU interests  paper
  1: Inter-institutional bargaining and multi-level decision-making in the EU  
  2: Legitimacy, democracy and public opinion in the EU  
  3: Conflict of aims between national and EU interests  
   The European Single Market  exam
  1: Economics of the internal market  
  2: Law of the internal market  
  3: Policies for coherence and structural change  
   Governance and regulatory issues of the EU’s external relations  paper
  1: EU and the transformation of its neighborhood  
  2: EU and the global system  
  3: EU governance - regulatory aspects of the global economy  


2nd semester 

Basic Modules   Module examination
  EU competition law and the EU law of sector-specific regulation  exam
  EU fiscal federalism  exam
  Agenda setting, decision-making and implementation  paper


Specialized Modules   Module examination
  Sector-specific regulation in electronic communications and logistics  exam
  1: Electronic communications  
  2: Transportation  
  3: Logistics  
  Sector-specific regulation in energy and water  exam
   1: Gas  
   2: Electricity  
   3: Water  



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