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MERNI Class of 2010


Class of 2010 with Günther Oettinger, EU Commissioner

  •  Leticia  Anoro Falcon (Spain)
  •  Manuel Montiero   (Portugal)
  •   Arman Bekbergenov (Kazakhstan)
  •   Pablo A. Morales Andrade (Ecuador)
  •   Cong “Sharon” Du (China)
  •   Seong-Eun Oh (South Korea)
  •  Isabelle Grohe   (Germany)
  •  Yvonne Trauschies  (Germany)
  •   Alper Emre Güler (Turkey)
  •   Eveline Visbeck (Germany)
  •   Cosmas Jacobi  (Germany)
  •  Cord Wiesner  (Germany)
  •  Jian Jiang (China)





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