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ZEI Alumni Network

ZEI Alumni World Map

ZEI Alumni come from all over the world. Up until 2017 we have over 600 Alumni from 121 different countries. 


A multitude of job opportunities

ZEI Alumni work in the following fields:

chart pie .png


For more information please go to our LinkedIn page.

ZEI Alumni Network

With Alumni all over the world and in diverse fields of work the ZEI Alumni Network connects our former, current and future students, for the benefit of everyone. Upon the initiative of ZEI alumni to stay in contact we have established a

ZEI Alumni Grouplinkedin

ZEI Alumni are welcome to contribute to ZEI publications, present a Europe Dialogue or  give a presentation during one of our field trips to Frankfurt, Brussels, Luxembourg or Berlin. 

For any questions or suggestions please do not hesitate to contact the master office via email: or Sally Brammer
phone: +49 (0)228 73 1899

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