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  • An above-average and completed, career-qualifying higher education degree (minimum Bachelor) from a German or foreign academic higher education institution, preferably in law, economics, or political science, with at least 180 credit points (CPs) according to the ECTS system

  • Proof of very good verbal and written English skills  (for details see below)

  • Relevant work experience of 1 to 2 years (Students who in their undergraduate studies have obtained 240 ECTS points require 1 year, students who have obtained 180 ECTS points require 2 years work experience)


Please submit:

Applications are now being accepted on a rolling basis. Applications will be processed as they are received until the Master class has reached the maximum capacity. The final deadline for applications is the 31st of May.

  • Statement of motivation (see application form), answering the following questions:

    * Why are you applying?
    * What are your career goals?
    * What are your qualifications?
    * Why did you choose ZEI’s MES program?
    * What do you expect from the program?


  • Copy of graduate certificate and academic transcript

ZEI accepts documents in English, German and French only. Please submit a certified translation if necessary. Applicants who graduate shortly before the program begins may submit their diploma at a later date.

Please note: access to the program is only possible after submission of a transcript and a diploma.


  • Certification of fluency in English

ZEI accepts TOEFL and IELTS (or something equivalent, at least Level C 1 from the European Common Framework of Reference for Languages)

Native-speakers will automatically be considered proficient in their respective language. All other applicants must submit a language test as indicated above.

Proof of proficiency in English will be deemed fulfilled if the applicant completed a regular course of studies of at least two semesters in an English-language course of studies or at an institution of higher education in an English-speaking country, as long as the course of studies was held predominantly in English.


  • Reference from employer or internship confirmation


Please note: ZEI can only consider complete applications. Documents will not be returned. Thank you for your understanding.


Selection Process   


March 15:  



Early application deadline: 15.03.2017 -  Initial deadline "first in first served".
Deadline for submission of applications (postmark).


May 31st:

Further applications are accepted on a rolling basis for any remaining places.

The final application deadline is the 31st May 2017.

by mid-June:                             


Candidates will be notified about the decision of ZEI’s admission’s board via post or email. Candidates who have been selected for the waiting list will still have the chance to be selected and invited for a place in ZEI's Master program during summer, if candidates who have been selected in the first selection round withdraw their applications.


by end-June:  

Closure of the selection procedure and final notification.


The tuition fee for the entire study course is € 6,500*.
Please note that you will be asked to transfer the entire tuition fee within one month after having been selected for the program.

 * The tuition fee allows access to all courses, field trips, the reading materials and the services of the Career Development Program. Living and housing costs are covered by the individual. ZEI does not provide financial funding to cover the tuition fee or living and housing costs.

Please submit your application to:

Master of European Studies - Governance and Regulation
Center for European Integration Studies

Genscherallee 3
53113 Bonn


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