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1995-2015: ZEI at Twenty

The Center for European Integration Studies (ZEI) was founded in 1995 and turned twenty in 2015. A brief video gives an overview of highlights at ZEI during its first twenty years:    More...


ZEI at Twenty


ZEI Master of European Studies Careers of ZEI Fellows

Since the start of the program in 1998/99, more than 400 fellows have graduated with a Master of European Studies from the Center for European Integration Studies (ZEI). More...


MES Video


ZEI@Europe / Europe@ZEI


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ZEI Master of European Studies Study at ZEI in 2017 / 2018


Study at ZEI in 2017/2018



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Governance and Regulation in the EU

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ZEI Future of Europe Observer Jg. 4 Nr. 3/2016

ZEI Future of Europe Observer Vol. 4 No. 3/2016


The BREXIT vote, which stunned many in the rest of Europe, has left uncertainty and doubt. This edition of the Future of Europe Observer, produced after the 100 day milestone has passed and following the significant decision of the High Court, looks at where we are.




AmpelnZEI Monitor: EU Progress 2014-2019

ZEI Monitor assesses the on-going work of the EU institutions. On the basis of the ten priorities outlined by EU Commission President Jean-Claude Juncker for the period 2014-2019, the EU pursues annual work programs. The ZEI Monitor "traffic lights" trace the implementation of the work programs.   More…


ZEI Class of 2017 has begun its studies



Ignatius Oli, The EU and the Burden of Refugee ResettlementZEI Insights

Ignatius Oli, The EU and the Burden of Refugee Resettlement

This ZEI Insight by Ignatius Oli (ZEI Fellow “MES Class of 2016”) analyses the challenges of refugee resettlement.   More...      

More ZEI Insights... 



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Book Release: Coming soon

Christian Koenig / Bernhard von Wendland,
The Art of Regulation: Competition in Europe - Wealth and Wariness, Edward Elgar Publishing, Feb. 2017, c.240 pp.  

Increasingly, EU market regulation measures have been introduced in the pursuit of economic justice and welfare. This book illustrates how regulation can help to prevent the abuse of dominance, in particular the abuse of public capital by the state.  More...




Book Release

Ludger Kühnhardt,

Africa Consensus: New Interests, Initiatives and Partners, Washington D.C./Baltimore: The Woodrow Wilson Center Press/Johns Hopkins University Press, 2014, 380 pages.

The relationship between Europe and its neighboring continent Africa is embedded in the current global transformation and linked to the interest of other regions in the future development of Africa. Against this backdrop, ZEI Director Prof. Dr. Ludger Kühnhardt, has published a comprehensive scholarly study on the interplay between African strategies for the future of the continent and external interests and initiatives engaging the main partners of Africa, i.e. the European Union, the US, and China, but also India, Brazil and the Arab states.     More…    
More information on the Cooperation of ZEI with the West Africa Institute (WAI).



Matteo Scotto: The Transatlantic Trade and Investment Partnership (TTIP). An Insight into its Transatlantic Relations and Global ContextZEI Discussion Paper C 238/2016

Matteo Scotto, The Transatlantic Trade and Investment Partnership (TTIP). An Insight into its Transatlantic Relations and Global Context   More...




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