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Shaping Globality in Europe

A central approach in humanities and cultural studies which has not been adequately dealt with is the focus on the shaping of globality in Europe. In particular, the humanistic approach to this topic has been missing. Therefore, this project examines the meaning of globalization and globality from the perspective of social and cultural studies. In doing so, ZEI moves beyond the economic meaning of globalization. Moreover, the project aims at redefining traditional approaches of a universal and global nature, based on a European perspective which has claimed universal validity for a long time.

ZEI has developed the current project together with several institutes of the Faculty of Arts at Bonn University. The project critically examines established thoughts and ideas on globalization and globality through interdisciplinary colloquia. Based on these colloquia, publications have been produced that summarize the ideas, controversies and perceptions of the topic. A further significant publication is forthcoming.


A list of publications of this project can be found here...


Prof. Dr. Ludger Kühnhardt
Prof.Dr. Tilman Mayer

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