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Liska Wittenberg

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Personal Info

Liska Wittenberg is currently a ZEI Research Fellow and graduated with a Master of European Studies (MES) from ZEI in 2016. She completed her undergraduate studies at the University of Birmingham, United Kingdom with a Bachelor’s degree in Business Management and Communications. Since 2012 she has worked in a variety of positions for the UNHCR, OSCE and the International Peace Institute. She became a doctoral candidate in 2017 under the supervision of Prof. Dr. Ludger Kühnhardt.


  • Managing Mixed Migration: The Central Mediterranean Route to Europe”, New York: International Peace Institute, April 2017.

  • “Commission Priority 8: Migration”, ZEI Future of Europe Observer, Vol. 5., No. 1, February 2017.

  • “The Burden of Burden-Sharing: A United Nations Perspective”, ZEI Future of Europe Observer, Vol. 4., No. 1, April 2016.



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